Shelter Links Bracelet/Pendant


Shelter Links Bracelet/Pendant

Hand carved faceted ebony links from a single piece of ebony, leather necklace with magnetic clasp and metal gate clasp for wearing  as a pendant.

18” | 46 cm
4 1/4 oz | 119 g

single link outside dimension:
4 3/4” x 3”  | 12 x 7 cm

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carved from a single piece of wood.
A refined, faceted ebony interpretation of several heavily rusted ship anchor chain links I found on the shores of The Port of Vancouver. The original links are pocked and thrashed, corroded. I tried them on, doubled up, they slipped over my hand- heavy, serious, left a powdery rust dust on my skin.
The ebony Shelter Links are light, elegant. With the ‘liquorice’ leather necklace and gate clasp they can be made into a statement double link or drop pendant. As a bracelet, it is equally at home over a leather jacket cuff or heavy knit sweater.