The Elements Necklace


The Elements Necklace

Smooth, faceted, dense, rousse-streaked ebony with coarse, thick black horsehair, creamy lambskin and 18k gold plated brass tube.

39” | 99 cm
5 3/4 oz | 163 g

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hair. wood. metal. elemental.
Shanks of twine-wrapped horsehair were lying on my work table next to a tangle of recently sewn lambskin rope and I was dying to use some of the brass tube that I had spent days cutting, sanding and polishing and had just picked up from the platers.
a sculpture that is assigned as jewellery merely because of its scale.
It's a very good, even luxurious feeling realizing that all kinds of curious and carefully prepared materials can find their own way into a good, strong combination and are finally ready for action... I love that. Sometimes it takes years.