Flat Links Fine


Flat Links Fine

Hand carved ebony, gold or silver metal gate clasps and extender links.

7 1/2” to 8 1/2”
19 cm to 21 cm
1 3/8 oz | 38 g

51 cm
3 oz | 84 g

Flat Links Fine Combination:
27 1/2” | 69 cm
3 7/8 oz | 110 g

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ebony, rosewood


bracelet, necklace, combination

hand-carved from a single piece of wood.
There’s nothing new about cable chain. It’s strong, sits flat and has had many successful industrial uses. The FLAT LINKS FINE chain shares a couple of traits with its industrial counterpart- its design and its consistent appeal. It is, in fact, a TG “classic”. But that’s where the common elements end. Sanded and polished to a flawless smooth finish, the links curve to the body and thrive on its natural oils to nourish them.

FLAT LINKS FINE are carved from a single piece of wood. Bracelet and Necklace can be joined to wear as a longer necklace.