Shelter Links Necklace


Shelter Links Necklace

Faceted ebony ‘anchor’ chain links, hand carved from a single piece of wood. Generous length of black lambskin leather. Multiple ways to wear on the body or display on a table or wall.

75” | 190 cm
8 1/2 oz | 244 g

This necklace is made to order, please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.

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ebony, sterlingsilver edges

carved from a single piece of wood.
There is an old ship building facility in the Port of Vancouver not far from my studio. It’s a wasteland of abandoned rusting components from enormous vessels built and repaired on site. I first went down there while studying textile design to gather up bits of rusted iron to use in some mark making and textile dying projects.
huge old anchor chain links, helped a ship shelter from the storm.
It is the lingering memory of the sculptural shapes of huge rusted iron shards and vestiges of massive anchor chain that inspired me to return. Much of the site had been cleaned up but there remained several patinated links of chain that I couldn’t resist.